Visual Discovery Popups Removal

One of the most annoying popups I’ve heard of lately is called “visual discovery. It’s worse than just inconvenient though.

This pop up has the potential to take information from your pc and put it in the hands of criminals that are trying to steal your identity or personal data.

Criminals who utilize the internet for scams are constantly improving and varying their methodology in order to attack your computer.

Some of their newest efforts are very difficult to remove from your computer and even can get around safeguards that you use like antivirus or antimalware software.

However, Visual Discovery is one malware that you will be able to get off your computer.

If you are on Windows XP, you can typically remove the virus by pressing CTRL ALT and DELETE at the same time to open the task manager.

Then end the process that holds the name “visual discovery”

For windows Vista or Windows 8, you can access the task manager through the task bar, then once again find the process associated with “visual discovery” and shut it down.

Once you’ve completed this step you need to get into the control panel through the start menu. Find the uninstall a program menu and find anything that calls itself any variation of “visual discovery.” and remove it.

The final, but very important step is to remove the add-ons from your web browsers. You can find more info about how to do this here.

Once you’ve finished rinsing out your internet browsers add-on folders that should be it, you’ve removed “visual discovery” popups once and for all.

If you have any question shoot me an email via the contact page.

Welcome, and some Basic Info on Adware

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. My name is Shane Spader, and you can read a little bit about me in the about page. Suffice it to say I’m going to be writing a bit about malware and viruses and hopefully going to be helping some people.

remove malware, remove trovi

Let’s start with a little bit of an introduction into certain topics.

Software that is supported by advertising is called “adware.” That’s pretty intuitive, most people probably don’t tie those two terms together, but if you look at it you’ve got ad = advertising, and ware = software :) so that’ pretty much explains it.

Now there are ton’s of pieces of software in the world that are supported by advertisements, and you’re not going to find me trying to remove every one of them from your pc, because a lot of them are actually valuable.

The specific thing about most adware is that it will get itself installed on your pc without your knowing consent.

The way this happens is that it will be bundled within software you might purchase at best buy or some store like that, then when you install it you’re not exactly reading every tiny detail of the installation and all of the sudden you have adware on your computer. That’s where people like me come in, we want to help you clean up your computer and get rid of this crappy software forever.

New pieces of adware are being created every day, but there’s also some oldies running around. My friends over at Villas TR-2 wrote recently about a little program called trovi, that’s been a piece of adware hell for years now. They can help you if you need to remove trovi from your computer with their guide.

Adware can be designed to collect data on certain sites people are using, as well as send that data back to their adware overlords so that those people can sell your data. These days data sales is a big business and adware creators are cleaning up. One of the easiest ways we recommend to keep yourself free of adware is to stay in touch with sites like mine and others like the PC Harmony Blog.

Finally I suggest using Malwarebytes Antimalware, you can check them out here. I just say go for the free version, you don’t need to be paying for malware protection these days, although if you don’t mind spending 20$, then malwarebytes is defintely the way to go.

Well, until next time. Thanks!